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Cost Efficient Advertising

In todays marketplace, as well as economy, online advertising makes the best sense. Not only can you effectively reach your target audience where they increasingly gain their purchase decision information, but the cost per thousand reached is much less expensive than with print advertising. Further, results analysis is much more accurate. You can count exactly how many people your ad was placed in front of, whether they were interested enough to go to your website to gain information, and if they actually purchased your product online. Ad versions can be changed out much more quickly than in print, allowing for a real time response. Internet advertising also is a major component of traditional purchasing decisions. Reports show that many who respond to internet advertising use the information to make a purchase at a brick and mortar location. Internet advertising can be used to draw direct sales to your website, as well as help pull your product through a traditional distribution pipeline.

It Takes Analysis, Time and Expertise

This is all well and good. However, your online campaign will be compromised if the time isn't taken to properly analyze and determine the best websites for your advertisement, develop excellent ad creative and message, as well as analyze and respond to the campaign results data on a regular basis.

In Focus Powersports Marketing to the Rescue

Enter In Focus Powersports Marketing. With my Online Advertising Management Program your advertising dollars go farther. Websites that most effectively reach your target market are determined. Advertising results are are regularly tracked and managed well, and changes and adjustments are continually made to optimize the campaign.

The best websites on which to advertise are determined through analysis including:

  • Accurate match of client customer demographics with those of the website.
  • Pertinent content and theme.
  • Viewer and impression statistics - including those reported by the website, as well as those statistics reported by reputable and unbiased third party information providers.
  • Guaranteed impressions.
  • Site quality – fresh content, well written, look & feel, user friendliness, technology up to date. Advertisements visible, and not lost in clutter. 
A well diversified media portfolio is maintained to include websites with deep penetration, and ranging to those addressing hyperniches.

I negotiate with the chosen websites to obtain the best rates, secure extra value editorial coverage, and take advantage of other value added opportunities.
Systems are implemented to track the true count of impressions delivered, click throughs, and sales conversions.

On going adjustments to optimize the campaign are implemented. Such as testing different versions of the ad to see if one captures more click throughs and sales conversions than another. Also, analysis might prove a website isn't performing as expected, and needs to be changed out.

Analysis summary reports are provided to you.

Online Advertising
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