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My name is Jonathan Light, and since 2001 I have been providing marketing expertise as In Focus Powersports Marketing. I bring to you over twenty-eight years of automotive and power sports marketing experience. In Focus Powersports Marketing offers a wide variety of marketing services, with primary focus on Media Relations & Public Relations, as well as Content Marketing. In Focus provides large agency service and dependability, with small agency convenience.

The value of what I offer is based upon my in-depth knowledge of the automotive and power sports industries, as well as how to market within. Much of my experience has been gained while performing in marketing and sales management positions with parts and accessory manufacturers, as well as with advertising agencies. I bring a keen understanding of the Performance, Accessory, Racing, Replacement Parts and OEM markets. I have been "in the trenches", and know how these industries function. 

In Focus serves other industries as well.

Whether your company is a large corporation, or a small business, I can deliver the results you need.

State-of-the-Art Marketing Services 

  • Media Relations and Public Relations
  • Blog services
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing programs
  • Content provision
  • Development of strategic sales and marketing plans
  • Project management
  • Brand management
  • Internet marketing
  • Website development
  • Copy writing
  • Advertising
  • Catalogs
  • Tradeshow planning
  • Product management
  • Market research studies
  • Sales management

Benefit Your Company

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