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An old sage once said that if one bases their career on something they enjoy, success should come naturally. I really enjoy vehicles. So, I took the advice of the sage, and developed my career in the automotive and power sports industries.

My career began in 1985, upon my college graduation. Since then, I have perfomed in sales and marketing positions with a variety of automotive and power sports oriented companies. I developed a successful career. Always bringing to the table enthusiasm, service oriented style, and sales and marketing talent.

After a number of years working for manufacturers, I found I preferred the creative side, and immersed myself in the world of automotive advertising and marketing communications. In 1999, I joined a medium sized automotive advertising agency in Southern California as an account supervisor. There I worked with major automotive and power sports  manufacturers, aftermarket accounts, and celebrities. In the course of my work I discovered many companies needed help with marketing, but didn’t have the budget for an expensive marketing agency, or a well experienced full time employee. I determined that I could fill this need by offering dedicated, professional, and very cost effective marketing expertise on an as needed basis. In essence acting as a “marketing timeshare”. To perform this function, I left the ad agency and formed In Focus Powersports Marketing. My company has proven to be a success. For the past twelve years I have been satisfying clients in the automotive and power sports industries.

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