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Making Your Company High Profile

The In Focus Media Relations Program increases the profile of your company among your target audience. I use online and print media to educate, build brand awareness and create sales opportunities.

Compelling Copywriter

I use my skills to write compelling product and press releases, as well as articles. I am able to quickly learn the features and benefits of your company and products, and craft them into interesting and quality editorial.

Optimizing Results

When writing releases, I embed popular product specific Internet keyword search phrases. This assists with Search Engine Optimization. Often my releases achieve first page results when their embedded phrases are entered into popular search engines. I place releases and articles on hugely popular websites with deep penetration to reach a broad scope of your target market. As well, I place them on "hyper-niche" sites that are less known, but totally dialed in to your exact customer type. With print media I adhere to the same philosophy by targeting large publications as well as the smaller “niche” publications.

Obtaining Placement

When it comes to gaining media exposure, I leverage the relationships I have established with the media, and diligently follow up with editors on a regular basis. Instead of the common “broadcast it, and hope it gets placed” approach. Also, I use publication editorial calendars to identify upcoming editorial themes that relate to your company or product type, and where you can receive coverage. I am able to obtain placement not only with the media whom you currently advertise, but other online and print media as well.

Objective Reviews

My Media Relations Program also provides strong advocacy for placement of objective product review articles, written by the editors of the publication the review appears in. The public trusts accurate, unbiased review articles that don't come across as "advertising". Research shows 97% of consumers trust product reviews on the whole. Further, nearly half of consumers believe between four and seven reviews are enough to make a confident decision about whether or not to buy a product. About 95% need 15 reviews or fewer. 

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Media Relations
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